More than ever, international students are choosing to study at Prince Edward Island public schools.

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All parents want their children to attend the best school in a new place, but in PEI, this isn’t a concern because all schools are equally as good. All schools in our public school system are safe, inclusive, and follow the same curriculum.

There are 62 public schools across the Island for children, from kindergarten through grade twelve - six of those are French, and 29 offer a combination of English and French-immersion.

The school year in Prince Edward Island goes from early September through late June, with students enjoying a summer break when the weather is at its best, in July and August.

The Prince Edward Island International Student Program (PEIISP) is designed to support students who choose to study abroad in PEI. Learn more at

international studentsMore than ever, international students are choosing to study at Prince Edward Island public schools.

  • You want to receive a world-class education in safe and welcoming schools and communities
  • You feel safe to carry out your daily activities while enjoying the freedom to be exactly who you are
  • You want to live in a place where neighbours look out for one another
  • The water is safe to drink and the food is so local, you can shake hands with the person who harvested it
  • You want to experience award winning beaches and stunningly beautiful landscapes
  • You want to be surrounded by art and theatre, musicians and poets
  • You desire less of the big-city noise and more of the tranquility of nature
  • You wish for prosperity and to make your dreams come true
  • Students from around the globe come to learn about – and experience – Canadian culture, island-style in our public, post-secondary and private training schools.
  • Prince Edward Island is recognized as one of the world’s ten most beautiful islands. Here, Islanders share a love for our neighbours and our province.
  • Prince Edward Island offers an authentic Canada experience filled with fun and adventure along with an inspiring and endearing spirit that represents the people of our province and out great country of Canada.